The standard delivery of the ”NIGOS-elektronik” wood drying kilns and steaming chambers includes:

  • Construction of equipment and a chamber
  • Delivery and installation of equipment and chambers
  • Installing NIGOS software for remote monitoring and control of the drying / steaming process
  • Commissioning of the drying kilns and steaming chambers and operator training
  • Delivery of documentation for use and maintenance


At your request, we also provide turnkey delivery, which in addition to the above includes:

  • Construction of command room for the heating substation and automation
  • Develop a project (construction, thermo-mechanical and electrical)
  • Manufacturing the main distribution control panel for several drying kilns
  • Construction of heating substation (complete with circulation pump for each drying kiln individually)
  • Construction of hot water installation with insulation
  • Installation of electric and thermal energy consumption meters for drying kilns