“Dryer Manager” is a specially developed software for remote control and management of controllers from the MC-3000, MC-2000, MC-600 series. Controllers MC-2000 and MC-600 are used in wood drying kilns, while controller MC-3000 manages the process of the dryer for wood, fruit and herbs.

The software allows monitoring of up to 32 drying kilns from one location.

The software monitors the interface on the controller itself, so that the user of the automatic controller can manage the operation of the drying kiln via a computer without additional training.

With the help of software “Dryer Manager”, all operations can be performed as on the automatic controller. The computer software records and archives data on the entire drying process and enables their further processing, creating the necessary reports.

The software requires a standard configuration PC with Windows operating system. Internet access is also possible, simply by installing one of the desktop remote control utilities.