Lamella drying kilns

Drying of all types and humidity of lamellas is possible in dehumidifying and conventional drying kilns.


All our drying kilns include: highly insulated aluminum construction, reversible heating and ventilation technology, maximum quality and drying performance, environmentally friendly solutions and energy efficiency.


  • Drying all types and humidity of lamella (4-12mm)
  • Drying with a heat pump of the most modern construction
  • Chamber capacity from 20 to 50 m3 per drying cycle
  • Working medium: electricity, hot water system 90 / 70C for models K1 and K2
  • Standard dryer width: 5,2 / 8,6 / 10,6 m
  • Standard depth of dryer: 6.0 m
  • Stacking height: 3,1 / 4,1 m
  • Dryers can be constructed according to the customer’s request
  • Automatic control of the drying process via the MC-2000 or MC-3000 automatic controller for each dryer individually
  • Remote monitoring and control on a PC using Nigos DryerManager software, via RS485 standard

Depending on the available heating energy, 2 models of dehumidifying kilns are available:
Nigolux-K1L with electric heater and small hot water heater in the heat pump,
Nigolux-K2L with electric heater and standard hot water heaters on the dryer and
VKS-L conventional drying kiln for lamella.

Dehumidifying: They do not require a boiler- minimal investment, they work completely automatically (without the presence of the operator)
Conventional: Energy consumption is also mitigated by the use of wood waste or sawdust as a fuel for heating the boiler.

With minimal energy consumption, very high quality and fast enough drying of all types of lamellas is achieved.

“NIGOS – electronic” gives its customers 3 years warranty for whole kiln, and 5 years for the automatic control unit.

LAMELA scheme


  • Complete construction of solid aluminum profiles allows high roof loads (up to 250kg / m2 of snow) and resistance of the drying kiln to wind gusts of 150km / h
  • Drying kiln walls made of aluminum cassettes, connected with stainless steel screws and silicone of high resistance to temperature and acid from wood
  • Insulation of hard pressed wool 10 cm thick
  • Exterior facade made of sinusoidal aluminum sheets
  • Aluminum ceiling allows even circulation through all layers
  • The heat pump, with the help of a compressor, changes the aggregate state of the gas (freon), uses energy at the same time to heat the dryer and condense moisture from the dryer
  • The main parts of the heat pump are the compressor, the evaporator (cold part) and the condenser (warm part)
  • Drying is performed without the presence of outside air, so in these drying kilns is the maximum retention of the natural color of the wood
  • Heat exchangers made of stainless steel and bimetallic pipes stainless steel / aluminum 25/54 (for model K2 and VKS-L)
  • Reversible fans with high efficiency (H-class motors)
  • Energy saving by changing the fan speed, via frequency inverters for each fan separately
  • Possibility of installing equipment, doors and control systems in the customer’s masonry building