Wood steaming controller

  • Wood steaming
  • Automatic or manual control of steaming process in indirect and direct steaming chambers
  • Control of the steaming process according to air temperature in the chamber
  • 8 NIGOS wood steaming programs that user can change
  • PID or ON/OFF control in automatic mode
  • Possibility of connecting to PC using the RS485 communication standard
  • Remote monitoring and control of the steaming process is enabled by the NIGOS “Steaming” software
  • 4 inputs for temperature measurement
  • Operation with one or more temperature probes (up to 4 probes)
  • The set includes 2 temperature probes with inox protective tubes
  • 2 relay outputs for controlling the valve for heating control
  • Two levels of parameter protection against unauthorized changes
  • Report of irregular situations (alarm)
  • Alarm light indication
  • Plastic housing – suitable for wall mounting
  • Resistance to dust, moisture and dirt (IP65 protection)
  • 5 year warranty