AUTOMATION – installation of automatic controllers manufactured by ”NIGOS-elektronik” – is a standard service that we offer for most drying kilns from other manufacturers.


By installing new automatic controllers, the user gets a plenty of benefits:

  • extending working life of drying kiln
  • accurate measurement (the most common problem with old control systems)
  • a large number of NIGOS-drying regimes
  • possibility of adapting the NIGOS-drying regimes to the internal ones used in practice (on most controllers)
  • feedback about operating key elements of drying kiln (fans, circulation pumps, etc.)
  • in addition to operation control, possibility of monitoring and analyzing the drying process by connecting one or more automatic controllers to a computer
  • possibility to access a computer from another computer or mobile device via the remote access software
  • technical support


So far, our automatic controllers have been installed in the drying kilns of most of the world’s manufacturers.

The installation of ”NIGOS-elektronik” automatic controllers enables the MODERNIZATION of the drying kilns by installing the following executive elements:



  • frequency converters for operation control and circulation fan speed control
  • heat recovery system (recuperator) for more efficient air exchange and thermal energy savings
  • fan in the flap for accelerated air discharge in ON/OFF mode or via a frequency converter in PI regulation
  • double-sided high pressure humidifying system
  • heat pumps with compressor power control based on air humidity
  • components for controlling the operation of circulation pumps (standard and SMART)
  • with electric and thermal energy consumption meters it is possible to monitor and analyze the costs of each drying cycle (only with automatic controller MC-3000)