R & D

In the desire for our products to be synonymous with safety and quality, ”NIGOS-elektronik” strives for continuous development and improvement of its production program. We offer our customers the highest quality products, but also a design that is easy to handle and use for everyday.

Product reliability is based on high standards during development and design, as well as during device manufacturing and testing. For this reason, ”NIGOS-elektronik” offers its customers a guarantee of up to 5 years. The guarantee obliges us to permanently improve quality, which is confirmed by testing and calibration of devices at leading institutes and operating according to the ISO-9001:2018 standard. With professional work and modern production technology, we have created quality products of a high standard that set us apart from the competition.

In order to constantly improve the drying technology in our drying kilns, cooperation has been established with forestry faculties from the region and the world. We participate in various projects with the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade (Serbia) and we implement all their achievements in the field of thermal wood processing in our drying kilns. Also, cooperation with the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology in Zagreb (Croatia) takes place through the exchange of information in the field through our customers. We also equipped a training center for students of the Technical Faculty in Accra (Ghana), while the Faculty of Forestry in Lima (Peru) uses our automatic controllers and an experimental drying kiln for student practice. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo (BiH), Department of Wood Technology, uses our wood moisture meters in the teaching process and research work. We are collaborating with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš (Serbia) on the project of drying fruits and vegetables.

The direction of our development is largely based on the experiences and requests of our users.

Through responsible business and investment in our employees, we strive for quality through every business segment and strive to be a stable partner to our customers. Our drying kilns are built to last, and any customer suggestions are welcome.