Food drying

Drying of fruits, vegetables, herbs and other food products.


Dehumidifying dryer with heat pump (closed system for consistent results).


High product quality – drying at temperatures up to 55C (max 60C)


Loading capacity: 300-1500kg

Drying kilns for fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants from our production, type SV, belong to the drying kilns of the closed system, in which dehumidifying drying with a heat pump is performed. These drying kilns are the result of a completely new, modern approach to drying these products, in order to obtain healthy and high quality food.

This method of drying has many advantages:


  • Lower temperature drying means optimum product quality, in terms of color, taste, smell, nutritional value, etc.
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Possibility of achieving very low humidity
  • High degree of automation
  • High product hygiene
  • Easy installation, use and maintenance

The drying process is fully automated. The temperature and relative humidity defined by the technological requirements of drying are fully monitored and maintained at the desired level, according to a predetermined program.


By using dryers from our production, the food production processes are optimized and the quality of the obtained products is improved. In addition to reducing energy consumption, these dryers protect and do not pollute the environment, and are suitable for households and businesses, because they enable diversity in production and exploitation.


Dehumidifying (condensing) drying kilns work on the basis of heat exchange with the help of a heat pump. These drying kilns achieve slightly lower temperatures, up to 60C, and are suitable for drying chopped fruits and vegetables, as well as herbs. The quality of drying in such dryers is exceptional, although drying is somewhat slower than in classic dryers.


The drying kilns are chambers, container type, with loading capacity from 300 kg to 1500 kg.