Nondestructive wood and veneer moisture meter

Nondestructive wood and veneer moisture meter DVD-241 is designed for quick measurement of wood moisture content in the field, by simple pressing of a device on the board. It is ideal for quick measurement and comparison of wood MC in different wooden samples as well as veneer MC measurement (it can measure moisture content in very thin samples starting from 2 mm thickness).

  • Nondestructive (contact) MC meter
  • Wood and veneer MC measurement without sample damage
  • Board and veneer thickness range 2 to 40 mm
  • Density range 0.2 to 1.1 t/m3
  • Autocalibration
  • Alarm when detected moisture is higher than set
  • Measurement resolution 0.1%
  • 9V battery supply, 3mA consumption (up to 200h continuous operation)
  • On-field operation
  • Fast check of MC distribution in timber stacks
  • The DVD-241 also has a low battery signal.

Device is delivered in a plastic case with a large LC display which shows all relevant data and a flat keyboard for easy access to all functions and settings.

A specially designed sensor plate is installed on the back side of the device. As soon as this plate is gently pressed against the surface of the wood board and the device turned on, reading of the wood moisture content will start. In order for the measurement results with the help of this device to be correct, before starting the measurement, it is necessary to adjust parameters for the type of wood (i.e. wood density) and parameter for wood thickness.

When measuring, the surface of the wood is not damaged.

The DVD-241 also has a low battery signal.