Mission, vision and quality policy


Our effors so far, based on the needs of the market and the requirements of customers, have resulted in a wide range of our products designed to meet the expectations of our customers. Therefore, it is the mission of our company to create additional value for our customers in the field of measuring and control equipment and wood dryers by improving the quality level and developing new products, continuous innovations, improving the quality of life and natural resources, which will contribute to improving the quality of life and meeting the expectations of all stakeholders. Thanks to careful business conduct and strict compliance with the requirements of its customers and the market, “NIGOS-elektronik” has established a reputation as an educated, responsible and successful company. The vision of our company is to maintain and strengthen our leading position on the domestic market and to increase our presence on the world’s most demanding markets through continuous development and innovation of our product range, introduction of new technologies and engineering, quality production and adaptation to market demands. Today, after many years of existence, we can say that we have always been on the side of the customer, because they are our best recommendation and encouragement for continuous progress. The quality policy of the company “NIGOS-elektronik” is reflected in the fact that it produces products of exceptional quality, which will win the hearts and satisfaction of customers and we will always be one step ahead in relation to the competitive offer. Commitment to quality is realized:

  • continuously reviewing and meeting customer requirements and providing the best technical and technological solutions;
  • high standards in the design and development of the equipment;
  • constant development of new and improved characteristics of all our products, in terms of quality, efficiency, functionality, safety and design;
  • providing all kinds of help and information, both during purchasing the product and during installation and maintenance;
  • establishing and implementing long-term partnership relations with all parties, based on mutual trust and common business objectives;
  • constant training and development of employees in order to acquire new knowledge, skills and competences, and to increase their competence to perform their business tasks;
  • active involvement of all employees in the planning, initiation and implementation of all activities in the production process, especially those that have an impact on the final quality of products and services;
  • the constant awareness of each employee of his/her responsibilities, position, individual contribution, self-initiative and team spirit;
  • increasing the standard and motivation of employees, continuous growth and development of the company, continuous implementation of all processes in the organisation, extension of the production space and further investment in production capacity and modern equipment;
  • increasing the productivity, efficiency and cost-efficiency of operations;
  • improving the environment and the rational consumption of natural resources and energy;
  • taking care of employees’ health and workplace safety;
  • by continuously implementing a well-established and validated quality management system.
“NIGOS-elektronik” continues to be dedicated to improving product quality and customer satisfaction, and what you, our customers, can always count on are:

“Quality, reliability and fair prices



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