Portable moisture content meter RVD-905A


Universal portable (hand held) moisture content meter RVD-905A is made for on-field wood, timber or pallets MC measurement of all wood types and moisture content of sawdust construction materials.
Main characteristic of RVD-905A is its portability, since it is battery operated and is intended for usage in the drying chambers and on the field.
Measurement of all wood types.

  • Moisture content in wood: measurement of all wood types moisture content in range 6% to 100%, and measurement resolution 0.1%
  • Moisture content of sawdust: when connected to VP-01 or VP-02 device (optional)
  • Moisture content in construction materials: when a special probe is delivered, RVD-905A can measure moisture content in construction materials (concrete, mortar, gypsum, etc…) (optional)
  • Air temperature/humidity: if the probe DSVT-05A is delivered, RVD-905A can measure temperature in range -20°C up to 80°C and relative air humidity in range 0% RH up to 100% RH (optional)
  • RVD-905A device
  • Hammer action electrode
  • Connection cable
  • Spare battery
  • Electrode clamp wrench
  • Set of probes (electrode) for measuring moisture

The universality of this device is reflected in the fact that it supports the measurement of moisture in all types of wood and timber, from solid parts to veneer. Also, in addition to special probes, it supports the measurement of moisture in sawdust, concrete, gypsum and various types of mortar. The selection of supported materials is done simply, via the keyboard on the device itself, and according to the attached table within the user manual.

In addition to the mentioned materials, the temperature and humidity of the air can be measured with this device, also with the help of an appropriate probe. This is important because the temperature affects the value of moisture in the wood, and data on this should be entered as a parameter when measuring.

Device is very easy to operate with, via the button on the front of the device, while all the relevant data and measured values are printed on the LCD display.

Optionally, probes for measuring humidity in other supported materials can be ordered separately, as well as a probe for measuring temperature and humidity in the air.


VP-02 device for sawdust moisture content measurement is connected to the back side of RVD-905A device. The sawdust is pressurized in a bowl to allow moisture measurement. Devices have protection in order to prevent excessive pressure and damage to the device. The same system also provides uniform pressure that guarantees uniform measurement.

VP-01 device for sawdust moisture content measurement consists of a specially modified aluminium cylinder with RVD-905A mounting bracket. Sawdust in the cylinder is compressed during measurement, and RVD-905A is used to perform MC reading. The device has protection in order to prevent excessive pressure and damage to the device.

Probes for measuring the moisture of concrete and solid construction materials are used for direct measurement of moisture. It is enough to drill two appropriate holes in the material whose moisture we are measuring and place probes in them that are connected to the RVD-905A moisture meter. After measurement parameters are adjusted, measurement can be performed.

Quick measurement of temperature and relative humidity is performed with a portable probe DSVT-05A. It is suitable for use in various production plants as well as for field use.