R & D

Nigos-elektronik is engaged in research and development on a daily basis. We develop new products and in that way we follow the development of technique and technology on a world level every day. Our team of experienced engineers uses the latest technology, analytical calculations and various design tools in their work. In this way we cover all aspects of product development. We offer our customers the highest quality products, but also an easy-to-use approach.

The quality of our products is the result of the experience of our experts in each of these areas and it is the basic motive for further progress and development of new devices.
Product reliability is based on high standards during development and design, as well as in the manufacture and testing of devices, which is why “NIGOS-elektronik” gives a guarantee of up to 5 years for its products. The guarantee obliges us to permanently improve the quality, which is confirmed by testing and calibration of devices at leading institutes and doing business according to the ISO-9001: 2018 standard.

A special department deals with the continuous improvement of drying technology in our dryers, depending on the requirements of users. We also work closely with all forestry faculties in the region and the world.
We participate in various projects with the Faculty of Forestry of the University of Belgrade and we implement all their achievements in the field of thermal wood processing in our drying kilns. We have also equipped a student training center at the Technical Faculty in Accra (Ghana), while the Forestry Faculty in Lima (Peru) uses our automatic controllers and an experimental drying kiln for student practise.

Our drying kilns are made to last, and any customer suggestion is welcome.